On the age of 3 years old it was clear that PUK Bannov's drawings were outstanding of quality for a child of that age, and none could match her.

The only thing she wanted to do was drawing, all days long.

Here parents are also talented creatives.

Her Mother is a musician and entrepeneur,  her Father is photographer and graphic designer.

In 2019, PUK Bannov took over LeafMyer, her parents company.

She expanded the company and added extra services like : Company commercials, Musicvideo's and Photography.

Without confentional education she learned everything from her parents on a autodidactic way.

All skills of media design : Audiovisuals, Company and Brandcommercials, Photography, Graphic design, Webdevelopment, Animations, Designers Impressions…..

she is all about it!



5 years old

8 Years old

9 years old

11 years old

13 Years old